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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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In Fine Feathers is having a freebie giveaway to celebrate our Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale!  
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ready to Grow My Feathers! In Fine Feathers new website

Yes, it's time
It's not easy growing a business especially one that focuses on selling handmade items and to add a little more of a challenge a business that is debt free.  I always did like a challenge. 
Some of you may know me from vending, if you are local to CNY.  In Fine Feather's little green EZ up can be found at craft shows, farmer's markets, fall festivals, arts shows and local music festivals in the CNY area.  This is where I can meet you, the customer or who I would refer to as my supporters.  I am so grateful for every minute each of you spend looking at  and purchasing these items that I spent my time making.  Each of you that have spent 10 days to 2 weeks wearing my art on your body in the form of a henna tattoo, bless you. 
Some of you know me are from the Etsy community.  Etsy has been paving the way for people like me to start a business like this, one that allows people like you to directly communicate exactly what you want to someone capable to make it for you.  I've connected to people all over the world, what a beautiful story each of these transactions has become.  This story is not over.  I will continue to grow my online Etsy shop and continue to dedicate myself to my Etsy customers with the same passion I always have had. 
Some of you know me from Ebay!  I am so grateful that amidst a huge site like Ebay with so many different kinds of items, not just handmade, that you still found me, little old me.  I love that you communicate with me what you want through the messaging system and leave feedback on my shop for other potential shoppers to read.  I intend to continue to offer the same items that you consider your favorites, the henna and glitter tattoo kits, dance hoops and jewelry from my Summer by the Sea Collection.  My gratitude to you. 
All of these great interactions with all of you have helped me determine it is time to grow.  It is kind of a big step to decide to open a .com since the most probable way anyone else will ever find me here is through direct and personal invitation.  There are so many other .coms that will show up on your search that In Fine Feathers is going to have to struggle to be seen.  That is why I ask you, whoever is reading this to go to my new website, share it with your friends and leave comments.  I've only really been working on it for a week at this point so there's still so much to do and add.  I realize that I have so much more to offer which is why I know it is time to grow.  I have a great vision for, one that truly captures the spirit of In Fine Feathers with great pictures, videos, tutorials, music to inspire, events, stories as well as the shop section.  I want to share all of these great things as well as feature other handmade businesses, especially those in CNY.   There is a lot of talent in this area that needs to be seen.  Please take a minute and help support and generate interest in this little business that has it's roots in CNY that reach all over the world!