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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Flowing Into 2013

Living in the snowbelt of the Northeast, it can be hard to uncover that creative force that is buried somewhere beneath two feet of snow, at the moment.  Though this is not much compared to what we normally experience in this part of the country, I would say we have more than enough.  Looking outside at the very still grey and white scene you have no choice but to be grateful to be indoors with the comforts of heat, lights and plenty of time to cook up a good meal.  I am the first to admit I truly miss the fresh produce at the farmer's market held only during the Summer-Fall Season and only wish I would have taken some of that time last Fall to can and blanch and freeze all that wonderful produce.  Well today seems like a day I could really go for a nice big plate full of fresh greens.  Fresh produce filled with life fueling our own lives is a great way to get the creative juices flowing again!  Don't get me wrong, we eat healthy here.  Our refridgerator is filled with overpriced, imported vegetables from the local supermarket.  Wouldn't it be fun to have your own greenhouse where you have a constant supply of fresh produce all year?  Ahh, so nice to dream.  So for today I will nourish my imagination.  I will close my eyes and envision orange and yellow and lime green and the smell of coconut and pineapples.  I will wear lemongrass essential oil.  I will water my houseplants and be grateful for their green lives and how they clean and refresh the air in my home.  I will cook a nice meal for my family with plenty of vegetables and snack on grapes and carrots.   I will bring my son outside to refill the bird feeders so when we look outside our window it is not so still and grey with all the little birdies fluttering about.  At least the birds aren't complaining, I always say.  I'm sure by the time I go to the gym for my a.m. workout tomorrow I will be feeling refreshed.  If you need some inspiration for your mind the best way to do it is nourish your body well and others around you, too.  Now where is that shovel?  I wish you all the comforts of your home this Winter as well as a means to uncover your Spring.   
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