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Friday, December 28, 2012

It's a New Year, Be Blessed!

2012 has been a good year, not over the top with greatness but a comfortable steady climb.  I have no real complaints, this is good.  I can say that this is the first year I went "full feather" not carrying the burden of working a part time job as well as running my own business allowing me to fully be accessible to my customers and allow inspiration to flow through me unafflicted by "other job stresses".  I am pleased to say that I have beat my last year's sales in every way possible as well as have established a steady increase instead of fluctuating from month to month.  I have been out on the field more vending at local shows and have cound communities within the local circuit that are good to be in as well as some that are not good to be affiliated with.  The year of the dragon means the year where you let go of what does not serve you and proceed with what does.  This has come true for me in so many ways in 2012 and I am very grateful for this.  My family has been very supportive with me on my mission to run In Fine Feathers and realize how important it is to be self dependent for income, especially in this economy.  I also am pleased to admit that being in "full feather" has allowed me to explore my creative as well as my business side and this has effected my attitude in a positive way as well as help to reveal to me some of my purposes in life.  If you spend your life working towards someone elses purpose how will you develop your own?  I have had some moments of sheer creative joy this year in the creating of The Vintage Privilege Collection and The Petals to Metal Collection.  I have had conversations with my customers, many times while giving them henna tattoos, that I believe were meant to happen, people I have had the pleasure of meeting only through the canopy that is In Fine Feathers.  I am so grateful.  I have had the absolute privilege to stay at home with my son full time and tend to our household the way many Mothers strive to find time to do.  I am a working Mother, always will be, but I have created a job that I can bring my son to as well as provide him with a learning experience many children don't have until they get jobs of their own. I have also found a way to do focus on many personal goals without succumbing to the schedules set by an hourly paid job.  I have a fitness routine and have accomplished some goals this year as well as far as losing some weight, toning up and most importantly being and feeling healthy.  A healthy mind flourishes with new ideas, sometimes at not the most opportune times though!  I can remember a few instances while on the eliptical at the gym I belong to where I wanted to ask someone to bring me a pen and paper so I can jot down these new ideas that were flooding my brain fueled by those wonderful endorphins that get released by great workouts!  Realizing it sounded like a crazy request I made sure to jot it down as soon as I got home and most importantly bring it to fruition. 
I hope 2013 brings more blessings, more peace, more friends and more health  for me as well as you!  Be blessed and pass it on.  
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